Roman Maciejewski Timeline - 1990–1998


31 August – performance of Maciejewski’s Requiem in Warsaw (repeated on 2 September in Wrocław). The composer is present at both concerts.

Andrzej Panufnik comes to the Warsaw Autumn for the first time since his escape in 1954. Eleven of his works are performed at the festival.


25 May – a ballet based on Dies irae is presented at Teatr Wielki in Warsaw. The piece is staged by Emil Wesołowski.


27 October – Andrzej Panufnik dies in his home in Twickenham near London.


12 August – death of John Cage, an icon of the American avant-garde.

A recording of Henryk Mikołaj Górecki’s Symphony No. 3 is a huge commercial success. 600,000 copies of the recording are sold that year.


Stanisław Szlachtycz directs a film, Outsider, about Maciejewski.


5 February – premiere of Witold Lutosławski’s Symphony No. 4 in Los Angeles.


Roman’s brother Wojciech brings the composer’s surviving manuscripts (about 100) to Poland.


7 February – Witold Lutosławski dies in Warsaw.


Another film about the composer, I Am Not a Child of My Time, directed by Józef Kowalewski, is made in connection with a concert at the Rydzyna Castle.


25 June – a charity performance of Maciejewski’s Requiem in Kraków for the victims of Sarajevo.

The Brevis publishing house publishes eight new Mazurkas by Maciejewski. They are edited by Michał Wesołowski, a Polish pianist and a friend of the composer living in Sweden.


The Roman Maciejewski Music Society is founded in Leszno.


24 February – a concert at the Warsaw Philharmonic in the “Composer’s Portrait” series is the last concert of Maciejewski’s works organised in the composer’s lifetime.

30 April – the composer dies in Göteborg. In accordance with his will Maciejewski’s ashes are brought to Poland and are laid to rest in the family tomb in Leszno