Roman Maciejewski Man


How did such views on life influence Maciejewski’s work and career? A partial answer has already been given in the quotations concerning the composer’s overall philosophy of life in which he wrote that professional activity had ceased to be a priority for him and what mattered above all was the very fact of existence. Sometimes […]


When we begin our adventure with Roman Maciejewski’s oeuvre, we usually first come across the Requiem, a work thanks to which we learn about the composer’s life, his illness, his inner breakthrough. As we find out more about his biography, we begin to ask: which is more extraordinary? Maciejewski’s artistic oeuvre or colourful life and […]


The story of Maciejewski would be incomplete without tackling the subject of his attachment to his country and family. This is important, because we are talking about a Polish composer born in Germany who also sought to obtain American citizenship. A composer physically absent from his homeland for a majority of his life, but also […]